tenderness, lit was founded in january 2017. since then, we’ve published hundreds of poems and stories online, seven beautiful chapbooks, two full-length collections of poetry, and an anthology of previously rejected work. we believe that more than anything else, the body of work that we have selected for publication speaks to who we are.

to be explicit: tenderness is a space that exists to uplift the voices of LGBTPOC writers. we want to find ways to bring those writers closer to the center of the literary conversation. we want to find ways to get them paid. we want a better world. we’re trying to get to it.

the tenderness, lit team is zoë blair-schlagenhauf, fae gehringer, and amelia seidel.

meet the editors more in-depth here:


Zoë Blair-Schlagenhauf graduated from Loyola University New Orleans magna cum laude in spring 2018. She relocated to Los Angeles in July of 2018. She is the 2018 recipient of the Mark Grote Award, a $1000 grant which culminates in an exhibition. She is also the recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Art History Student Award. She is the co-founder and head graphic designer of Tenderness Lit (tendernesslit.com), a small publishing house and literary magazine. She is the author of Chlamydia Summer (TL17) and co-author of Trash Heart (SS16). Her poetry has appeared in Voicemail Poems, American Media Magazine, Witchcraft Mag, Spykids Review, Metatron, and elsewhere. In the past, Zoë has worked with the Diboll Gallery, PARSE gallery, AIGA New Orleans, the Danna Center Gallery, and the Healing Center Gallery. You can find her artwork on instagram @zoeblair_schlagenhauf and her bad jokes on twitter @chlamydiot666. She loves you.


June Gehringer is the author of “I love you it looks like rain” (Be About It Press 2017) and “I don’t write about race”, (Civil Coping Mechanisms 2017). She is the winner of the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and other games. She tweets @june_gehringer.


Amelia lives in Chicago. She is an organizational fiend and likes to surround herself with creative fiends, so this tenderness partnership works out really well. Outside of Tenderness, she works in theater doing production management and other organizational / paperwork-y stuff. She also finds herself in restaurant kitchens more often than not. The author of nothing except shitty tweets and really good spreadsheets, Amelia can give you a book recommendation if you need one.