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writing poetry as revenge
by Alyssa Ciamp


as packing a bag filled
with bile
as slinging it
over my shoulder—leaving with it
before the party ends 

writing poetry as home-seeking
as finding me in a pile
of slime
as pulling her out and kissing her
then tweeting about it 

writing poetry as quantitative research
as “my words taste better
in my mouth, feel better
in my hands”
as “oh no, you’ve
seen me and now I can’t
take that back.” 

writing poetry as inducing loneliness
as fingering the void like
perverts on twitter who
stick their dirty fingers in fruit
as, “look at how sexy I am
don’t you want me?”
as, “please keep your wanting
a safe distance away”

Alyssa Ciamp is a bisexual scientist and writer sharing an apartment in Philadelphia with her Cat Daughter named Jigglypuff. She writes about being a person Online where everyone can see. Her work can be found in Occulum, Riggwelter Press, Philosophical Idiot and others. One place she exists is on Twitter @ClinicallyChill. Another place she exists is @ Other spaces she exists are tbd.