i would love you forever, if i could
by doze 

i love you like the sound of a violin echoing in a church building
with my elbows quivering and my toes half-asleep
i love you and i have loved you since i met you
your undying will
and motivation
your crying when things got rough
always showing u r human and fragile
the world needs a sense of tenderness u hope to provide and will never stop searching for
i appreciate the sound of your voice and the way
it moves through the air

will, resistance, and tenderness

doze is a recent post grad of a jesuit college, ending over 15 years worth of christian schooling. things are rough and god doesn't feel real, but being in churches reminds them of friends and the unwavering love they have for those dear to them. god doesn't feel real right now, but their friends are, and this is for them. doze will continue to love them with the intensity of an omnipotent god...just in case a god doesn't exist.

doze is an artist and poet. they don't currently have an official contact or website, but you can find them in the missed connections