by Kid Brown

i am all parts //   all raw parts
mouth / teeth / eye 1 / eye 2 / mole 1 - 20

i come in peace/ieces // dancing to your
favorite song / crying in my car / laying on cement

my grandpa smashed the windows of my grandma’s car
so she would call him for help / i guess

that’s where i get it from / did i have my own favorite
song once / did i smash the windows of my

grandma’s car / did my grandma die knowing that i
loved her i wish she could have waited 1 more

week / she hit my grandpa in the face with a frying
pan and left him napping while their house was on fire

i guess that’s where i get it from / i am all stories //
broken windows / broken teeth / broken fragments

of things i didn’t realize i said out loud / memories of
salt on my tongue, in my skin and over my body

not realizing that my grandmother would die / or
that i would break the windows of my own car so one

day i would help myself    // i looked up on a blue-sky,
yellow-sun type of day and did not think that it was

for me / i get embarrassed when the sun rises and it
is so beautiful / and when the broken pieces of my

car windows dig into your legs    // i exist in other
people’s tongues / i see light in the gaps in their

teeth when they smile / my grandma died from the
one thing that scared her the most / i guess

that’s where i get it from

kid brown is a writer living in austin, tx. kid has a self-published chapbook titled, "bummer" and has appeared in various places on the internet, including be about it zine and seafoam magazine.