xander macaulay-rettino

the moon is my wife
we’re in an open relationship
my dad says she really gets around

my dad says a couple of men have walked all over her
i tell him it’s not her fault
she didn’t ask for it
it’s irrelevant how much cloud cover there was that night

did you know they left their trash behind
when they lifted their bodies off her
you can watch footage of the debris flying
burning briefly under the combustion of takeoff

men littered the moon
they did it on camera
broadcast the footage

and do you know how much shit she gets
from people saying it never happened?

Xander Macaulay-Rettino is a soft thing trying to wrap itself in other softnesses. They are also a queer, trans, disabled poet + interdisciplinary artist living in Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal). They can be found on twitter @xanwriteswords / instagram @xxaneggs as well as at heliotropism.bandcamp.com